Tall Five Spoiler alert in front for a few the informatioin needed for Five. Study at your own discernment.

Spoiler cautioning ahead for most information on Five. Review in your personal wisdom.

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Hector Nieves is a 15-year-old Mexican-American who’s going to be best friends with Miko. The guy work at Hinobi’s store and then he’s also a Glitch technology driver to attack and take bugs. He’s a very puzzle-oriented player than Miko and in most cases comes up with the strategies and strategies to attack problems, creating him or her the minds to Miko’s brawn.

Five grew up by his or her pop, Emilio, for many of their youth. The man lived enjoying games, this passion for games am reinforced and urged by his own daddy who’d often wait with him away from Hinobi store for first time releases. Their daddy https://datingmentor.org/professional-dating/ would also need Five to Geri’s vintage video game store each day after university. When he was five to six yrs old, the man worked hard that can help his own father elevate income by doing numerous opportunities, including working on their Papi’s meal trucks, to make a reservation to get his or her birthday party at Joystick Jr, but it actually was sad to say blasted from the lack of the Ralphie carry animatronic. It is in addition uncovered that Five would escort his daddy to focus on a regular basis.

It’s actually not determined when, prior to the functions of series, four’s dad would be detained for hacking a firewall. Proceeding that, Five set out existing with his grand-parents and helping them with the meals car further. Happily, their grand-parents also support his passion for video gaming. They can voluntarily took Five within the Hinobi crash competition once they found he’d acquired a bracelet that revealed he had been one of the best players inside urban area.


High Five is actually an excellent and caring girl which likes trying to play games and will do just about anything to accomplish his or her target, never letting go of. In general Five aspects we but isn’t nervous to stand to rest as he feels it’s essential to do this. While Five is generally rational and liable, if under fatigue and stress (or a stronger feeling typically), they becomes impulsive and does not feel abstraction completely out or clearly. Any time scared or stressed, hell actually will over-think matter acquire tangled as part of his mind.

Five has a tendency to be afraid of the undiscovered, so when appointed an occupation, he will be frequently nervous to be unsuccessful they, trusted folks like Mitch to guide your incorrect. Five often will get trapped on his very own head, unable to react into the second, his idea way too whole commit the distance.

Whenever Five does indeed stay away from his or her own mind, he is capable of placing the puzzle of any online game jointly, such in „palace spider“ when he saved most of the loot accumulated in the event that he’d wanted some thing eventually. His or her ideas rarely fail, and once his or her instincts catch-up, he’s probably one of the most risky problem specialists in.

While Five are somebody who would rather thought before he works, once triggered with good thoughts such as for instance rage or worry, the guy can get impulsive and will hop on anyone or occasionally, though seldom, readjust their memories intentionally or on problem.

Five also displays a liking to stick to and keep to the procedures it isn’t afraid, albeit hesitant, to break all of them. Five normally demonstrated to lay sometimes hold themselves and neighbors from getting in difficulty or perhaps to affect many. And quite often those fabrications bring him into problems and certainly will generate a predicament severe which is displayed in „the actual bug technicians“.


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He could be tall in height, really slim, and has now somewhat darkish color surface. He has got a puffy hair with an universe blueish-purple/indigo hue, alongside slender legs and arms.

In the casual use, the guy can often be observed using an eco-friendly graphical top with a black color elbow amount clothing below. He also sports gray slim pants and a set of Hinobi shoes. Sometimes this individual dons an environmentally friendly hoodie with all the amounts „5“ on it. On more business, he is able to remain visible dressed in another type of shirt from graphic environmentally friendly shirt particularly a yellow one in „BUDS“ along with a flashback in „compilation pursuit“. In „Ralphie hold“, Five sometimes appears putting on a white Ralphie carry themed tee. Five is also enjoyed dressed in a yellow hoodie with „05“ over it really temporarily whenever Miko needed him with Lexi’s phone in „chronilogical age of Hinobi“

While involved in the Hinobi store, his own outfit still is alike except this individual wears a blue Hinobi polo top over his or her black bend size clothing as a substitute to one of is own graphical shirts.

Four could be noticed having on a normal Hinobi technology help jumpsuit, and that he is enjoyed wearing glitch tech armour when their computer gauntlet are stimulated.


Miko try Five’s spouse and something of his or her close friends. They enjoys passing hours together with her on the job and out of it, as well as typically portray adventures together. He’s got a great deal trust in their: even if Mitch revealed she just might be a glitch with a really sound argument for the event „locate the Glitch“, Five suggested that it didn’t procedure since he would continue trusting their.